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Polyamor encounter: a success!26 July, 2017

As we have explained before in other posts, now it will take about a month, Hotel Cardós hosted the first European meeting of poliamor. A concept that brings together more than 60 people to love each other during a weekend.

The doctor in charge of this event is Elisabeth Sheff, an American and an internationally renowned expert in poliamor. She has returned to her homeland and has dedicated us some wonderful words to her blog. He is completely satisfied with the experience and the environment that the group has chosen: Hotel Cardós. Specifically, he dedicates the following words to us:

Hotel Cardós is a charming, quirky, and comfortable hotel with a lovely deck, swimming pool, gardens, and grounds. A collectors’ dream, Hotel Cardos boasts a diverse and fascinating array of objects (especially nativity figures), sculptures, and wall-art gracing each of its six floors. The dining room offers a large and inviting space with a central buffet for breakfast, and long tables where lunch and dinner are served. The staff are delightful, incredibly friendly, and accommodating, and helped to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Inviting sleeping rooms provided comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and windows with gorgeous mountain views of the fierce late June sun during the day and lovely cooling breezes at night.

We have no words to thank for this precious text that the doctor dedicates to us. We are continuously delighted to receive any type of meeting and clients as friendly and grateful as all that you make of the Hotel an unforgettable place every year.

Here’s a complete chronicle on the blog of Dr. Elisabeth Sheff:

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Thank you very much for your writing and for the kind words. We wait for you when you want to come back!