The Hotel Cardós wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy new year 20219 December, 2020

From Hotel Cardós we want to send you our best and most sincere wishes for HEALTH, PEACE AND HAPPINESS FOR THESE CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR.

The photograph that illustrates this year’s congratulations is from friend Aleix Gallardet, an excellent photographer and documentary director who, for the most part, are set at Pallars Sobirà. In this photograph he shows us from the Pui viewpoint, located just above the town of Ginestarre, the beautiful autumn panorama of the town Ginestarre and, secondly, Esterri de Cardós.

Ginestarre // Esterri de Cardós

This magnificent image is accompanied by a poem by Renée Mathieu. Renée arrived at the hotel for the first time at the end of July and fell so in love with the valley and the landscapes that surround Hotel Cardós that, from a short stay of one week, it turned into a stay of twenty days. And the relationship with Renée continued when between September and October she was in our hotel for another month. Renée has been the great event of the year. A surprising “find”. In love with the valley from the first moment, she never ceases to amaze us with a lot of poems that, occasionally, when we least expected it, she gave us away. Renée, 92, is a French-Catalan philologist. and she dived headfirst into the pool in a bikini, hence her nickname “LA SIRENA DEL CARDÓS”.

This Christmas that comes to us, so strange and at the same time special, we trust that you all enjoy the health that at this moment, is the best we can wish for, and we hope that in 2021 we can meet, again, in this house that we love so much.


A strong, very strong, hug.