Special offer long weekend may21 April, 2017

Long weekend May: activities, excusions and water sports for all the family

After a short but intense Easter surely you have enjoyed, nos long weekend in May is coming and in Hotel Cardós we want to offer a very good choice to come during this long weekend. Do not miss the opportunity to come with all your family and have fun practicing adventure sports in the middle of a unique natural place, Pallars Sobirà.

We offer a price that you cannot refuse:

In addition, we offer a variety of activities and excursions you can do close to the Hotel such as: visit Aigüestortes National Park and Sant Maurici Lake is just a 30 minute and the difficulty is very low and suitable for the whole family. Another option is Pla de Boavi towards Tavascan 10km Ribera de Cardos; a paradise formed by streams and surrounded by towering mountains. Pla de Nèqua is also a good option and if in May there was still snow on the road is pretty good racket walking until 2000 metres high. Finally, the Fortí del Cuco is a historic scenario in the Valley with a raw and hard memory: an old fort of the Spanish Civil War and an important strategic point from ‘franquistes’ band, where from this point Tírvia was bombed, at only 20 minutes from our Hotel.

It is also possible that the mushroom hunters enjoy good harvests these first warm days in the Pyrenees. ‘Murgues’ is the main entertainment mushroom in early summer. Although they are very difficult to see: brown color, wrinkled and elongated in the middle of a thick forest as there are around the Hotel, we’ll see how many we catch this long weekend!

Another very popular activity during this weekend will be water sports such as hydro, kayaking and rafting as we offer in this post. The hydro consist in drop down the river on a kind of surfboard and a good speed. Always accompanied by instructors who will be able to help at any time. But in any case, rafting and kayaking are water sports suitable for the whole family.

The Hotel Cardós want to make you feel like if you were at home and that is why we offer a personalized service for any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to call us at +34 973 62 31 00 or write to [email protected]

See you there! 🙂