‘Filomena’ has also passed through the Hotel Cardós13 January, 2021

The storm ‘Filomena’ has also visited Ribera de Cardós, that is, through our hotel; and he has left us pictures as beautiful as these that you are going to see below.

It started snowing early Thursday morning and didn’t stop until Sunday noon. Approximately 40 centimeters of new snow and dust fell that made the weekend an unforgettable moment for children and adults.

Some took the opportunity to take the sled, others practiced snowshoeing and others visited the town’s castle from where we were able to marvel at the views of the previous photo.

After Sunday the temperatures have dropped so much that these days we all look like Eskimos dressed in lined boots, fleeces, wool scarves, and padded coats.

Our apartments are open all year round. The ideal destination for skiing in one of the ski resorts closest to Vall Cardós: Port-Ainé, Espot, Tavascan or Baqueira.

We hope we can receive you as soon as possible and that you are all in good health in these difficult times. We continue to adapt our accommodation and restaurant to the anti – covid measures that the competent authorities indicate to us as the pandemic progresses.

We hope this ends soon and we can all see each other again at the Hotel Cardós and be able to enjoy these wonderful landscapes.