‘Allò que va passar a Cardós’ the latest book of Ramon Solsona2 September, 2016

This week, our friend and writer Ramon Solsona presented his latest book ‘Allò que va passer a Cardós’(Ed. Proa / Tusquets) inspired by the construction of large hydroelectric complex in the sixties in the Cardós Valley.


Portada del nou llibre ‘Allò que va passar a Cardós’ de Ramon Solsona

The narrative of the book came to Solsona “after a stay at the Hotel Cardós” he says. “I wanted to see what was behind this epic with thousands of men arrived from all parts of Spain in a quiet place until then, puncturing the mountains kilometers of tunnels, all this frantic activity… And when the works was finished, newcomers disappeared.”

Ramon Solsona has gone to various media to present his new book as La Vanguardia, ‘El matí de Catalunya Ràdio’ amb la Mònica Terribas and TV3 newscast among others.


Mònica Terribas i Ramon Solsona a l’entrevista de ‘El matí de Catalunya Ràdio’

On July 23 in 2010 is the date when the writer landed for the first time in Hotel Cardós and since then whenever he can we meet every summer at the hotel.


Ramon Solsona amb la familia Gabriel a l’Hotel Cardós on passa els seus estius

We are very excited, grateful for the international reach that gives our valley and wish you all the luck in the world to our friend.

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