What happened in Cardós during june 20177 July, 2017

This June at Hotel Cardós we hosted the first meeting of polyamor in all of Europe. At the expense of Dr. Elisabeth Sheff, an internationally renowned expert in the subject.

The polyamor is based on mutual respect and the fact of being able to love and maintain relationships with more than one person, always under the will and knowledge of both people.

Every time we hear about the topic, and now that the experience of a meeting has been possible, the satisfaction with which our clients left will make it possible to increase and diversify this type of meeting.

A weekend, 80 people, a hotel with exclusivity and good weather. Nothing is more necessary to get a group of people and friends to be comfortable in an ideal scattered environment for any type of meeting.

The most curious thing about it is that approximately in the 40s and 50s, right here in this space (our Hotel Cardós) they used to hold meetings by sex where they spent a whole weekend to practice spiritual exercises by chaplains And nuns Everything is reinvent and renew!

We just hope to offer the best deal and service to make our customers happy and happy. Thank you very much to everyone who has made it possible for our Hotel to become aware from time to time.

You’ll be able to read more about this topic (in catalan) in the article that Vidal Vidal has written in newspaper El Segre yesterday 06/07/2017.