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Easter Hotel Cardós

Activities and tours designed for you and your family

You know why you do this Easter? If you have not planned anything, do not miss the variety of activities we offer from Hotel Cardós.

Prepare your walking route to the excursions we offer: Pla de Nèqua, Sant Maurici, Pla de Boavi and Pui Tabaca at 1.718m. height, etc. You may encounter snow but we can advise you on the best route or whether it is advisable to go there. However, only a few meters from the hotel, enjoy the forest mountain and breathe the fresh air of the Catalan Pyrenees.

Another option for this Easter is skiing: any of the four nearby stations are open and we will advise you on what is the best kind of snow tracks you can find there. The station is the busiest station in Baqueira-Beret ski domain of the Aran Valley, in 45 minutes. drive from the hotel about. You will find a variety of tracks and dozens of restaurants for breakfast or lunch when you most want. To enjoy intensely the snow!

If that makes good match days is also fantastic route of butterflies, where you can find up to 910 different species. Imagine walking along the river that descends strong and green all around while carefully observe all the butterflies that we were crossing as you walk among the high mountain paths. It is a real pleasure!

You cannot lose our mountain cuisine: we specialize in grilled meats or stews, entered varied from salads to desserts and chopped very sweet! The Hotel Cardós all try to enjoy it for what comes out very happy.

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